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Doodle Illustration of the Facade of a Church


Part 1. Top down governance from Rome has brought significant declines in Catholic Church membership, both worldwide and here at home. It has lost its way after shunning its rebirth by Vatican II. Is there hope? Yes,...

The Decline and Unnecessary Fall of New Mexico

There are recent Journal stories about the vibrancy of the economy in Colorado and the obvious contrast to New Mexico. I have spent a fair amount of time in the Denver area in last couple of years...

Who Benefits From the Food Tax Exemption

Brian McDonald and Chuck Wellborn A pending bill in the Legislature (HB 412) seeks to bring badly-needed reform to the state’s gross receipts tax (GRT) by removing ill-considered deductions and exemptions, thereby expanding the GRT tax base...


A mouthpiece who talks to the max Quite like the guy that she backs She’s not any nicer Than her colleague Sean Spicer But she’s better at alternate facts

The Enemy of My Enemy

We’ve all heard the 2400 year-old doctrine “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. It was used extensively during the Cold War. But I’m not sure the President-Elect got this quite right in the case of...

Hands Off My Medicare

We enjoyed that often-quoted Tea Party line from eight years ago: “Keep the government’s hands off my Medicare.” Sorry, dude. Looks like the government is putting its hands on your Medicare after all—at least if Republicans in...

New Mexico Taxes and Economic Development

Brian McDonald, Lee Reynis, Jim Peach, Chuck Wellborn THE GROSS RECEIPTS TAX The State’s tax system has a major structural problem and it relates to the gross receipts tax. New Mexico enacted an Emergency School Tax in...

Careful What You Ask For

In the “Careful What You Ask For” category, consider the timeworn political strategy of Republicans and their radio and television affiliates scaring the pants off the public. It’s no wonder the Republicans are pulling out all the...

The GOP Debate

The Republican Presidential candidates are complaining about the types of questions they received at the last debate and are threatening to set their own debate rules. To help out, here are some questions they might be looking...

Comcast is the AT&T of the 70s: Part II

My most recent post on Tuesday May 5 detailed how, during the three days starting April 28, I talked to a dozen or so Comcast employees by phone and in person trying to get internet and telephone...

Comcast is the AT&T of the 70s

In April, we moved out of our longtime residence to a condo at Park Plaza in downtown Albuquerque. Because the remodeling of our unit wasn’t to be done until late in April, we moved temporarily to a...

More Gambling, More Problem Gamblers

It’s hard to see why it makes any sense to approve the new Navajo gambling compact, especially when you consider that all the other gaming tribes are able to have the same agreement and all of them...