Many people these days are asking how sometimes seemingly off-hand decisions of the President, such as the one to authorize the drone strike on the Iranian general, are being made.

Concerns are at their peak when a decision is made at Mar-A-Lago.

By mere chance, the answer came to me from a source in the know, not authorized to disclose such information, but whom I have known for many years and trust.

This source assures me that this is the standard means by which crucial decisions are being made in the Trump White House.

The process, he says, consists of one where a variety of decision-making processes are applied. When any such decision has impacts on other countries, the processes might involve, for example, experts in a variety of areas, including diplomacy, the military, statesmanship and foreign affairs in general.

When the options resulting from this process are presented to the President, he promptly makes a decision based a theoretical process known in academic terms as EMMM.

This stands for Eenie Meenie Miny Moe.

Chuck Wellborn

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