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Trump the Demagogue

Stop worrying about how unlikely it is that so many could believe in Donald Trump. The fact is they were taken in by a type of politician that has been around since ancient Athens. They’re called “demagogues”....

Evangelical Support For Trump

Many have wondered how Evangelical Christians could side with a President who displays little evidence that he embraces gospel values nor is even much of a conservative. According to a recent book, Unholy, Why White Evangelicals Worship...

The President’s Pick

If the person nominated by President Trump to fill the Ginsburg vacancy on the Supreme Court is confirmed, that person may well help decide one or more of the various cases involving the criminal and civil liability...

Mail-In Voting Will Destroy America??

So claims President Trump, who even wants to postpone the election in the hope there would be no mail-in voting. His sidekick AG Bill Barr and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell back him up. Golly, if you can’t...

It Was the Impeachment

President Trump and his Senate comrade-in-arms Mitch McConnell have disclosed that the President failed to prepare the country for the coronavirus threat because he was “distracted” by the impeachment proceedings. As an example of this distraction, they...


Many people these days are asking how sometimes seemingly off-hand decisions of the President, such as the one to authorize the drone strike on the Iranian general, are being made. Concerns are at their peak when a...

Give It Your Best Shot !

It’s pretty disappointing that the diminishing number of Republicans going all out for the President (e.g., Rep. Mark Meadows, Rep. Kevin McCarthy, Sen. Lindsey Graham, Sen. Rand Paul) lack imagination in their efforts to discredit the impeachment...

Strong Performance by STC.UNM

In the August 26 Albuquerque Journal Business Outlook, there’s a noteworthy article by technology reporter Kevin Robinson-Avila about STC.UNM and the success it’s having under President and CEO Lisa Kuuttila’s leadership. The article can be seen on...
Trump 2019

Trump Fables

He spins out a daily new fable To stop he is simply not able If he cut back on steak And from Fox took a break He might seem less mentally unstable

What Commie Haters?

During the McCarthy era of the 1950s, Sen. Joseph McCarthy and other conservatives accused hundreds of Americans of being "communists" or "communist sympathizers”. They didn’t just spread fears of communist influence and espionage by secret Soviet agents....
Doodle Illustration of the Facade of a Church


Part 3. The Role of the Church. Not surprisingly, with all this fiddling as Rome burns (in a manner of speaking), the influence of the Catholic Church among the faithful is diminishing. So the efforts of conservatives...
Doodle Illustration of the Facade of a Church


Part 2. Two competing visions. There are, to a greater or lesser extent, two competing visions of the Catholic Church. The vision of Vatican II, a vision of significant change such as the proposition that the People...